Thermoplastic Rubber

Thermoplastic Rubber

At PTI, Inc., we understand that quality material is everything. Understanding how different materials act and react with each other is essential for creating great products. Our professional team has the know-how to provide the best materials that are right for your products.

PTI, Inc. offers high quality materials like thermoplastic rubber for your plastic product needs. Our devotion to manufacture detail certifies the goals, objectives, and preset project outcomes are on schedule throughout each stage of the process. All materials from PTI, Inc., including thermoplastic rubber, are chosen by our professional team so you can make the best choice of materials for your projects. At PTI, Inc., we provide our customers with competitive advantages in cost, quality, and lead times.

TPR, or thermoplastic rubber—also known as TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)—is a category of copolymer materials or a physical mix of materials, like plastic and a rubber. TPR products display specific physical features of both rubbers and plastics, as well as both thermoplastic and elastomeric qualities. TPRs are suitable for processing via injection molding.

Properties of Thermoplastic Rubbers

  • Obtainable in a broad assortment of durometers, from 20 Shore OO to 85 Shore D
  • Wide temperature range: -30°C to 140°C (-22°F to 284°F)
  • Combines the look, feel, and elasticity of thermoset rubber with the process ability of plastic
  • Elasticity similar to cross-linked rubber materials
  • Quality dielectric properties
  • Great tear and abrasion resistance
  • High flexural fatigue resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Exceptional resistance to weathering and chemicals
  • Recyclable

From design to delivery, PTI, Inc. can coordinate your entire tool building program from start to finish. Aided by its quality assurance program, PTI's mission is to provide molded products that fully meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of its customers. Company management is committed to continuous quality advancements. For superior quality thermoplastic rubber, materials, and services, contact PTI, Inc. today.

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PTI, Inc. is a diversified molder of both thermoset and thermoplastic compounds to meet all of your molded component requirements. A modern manufacturing facility with injection and compression presses ranging from 85-500 Ton, PTI offers many secondary operations including assembly, painting and pad printing.


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