Pad Printing

Pad Printing

At PTI, Inc., we offer high quality pad printing services. We can produce a finished product all in-house, making the project that much simpler for the client. PTI offers pad printing services that eliminate the hassle for you and your company.

PTI services save you time and money with our one-stop shop, doing everything for you at the same location. Design, prototype, printing, packaging, assembly, finishing, and pad printing are all available in one convenient location. Don't send your product all over the nation for components and services in order to complete a product. Keep it close to home and let us take care of it all for you.

From design, to pad printing, to delivery, PTI, Inc. can coordinate your entire tool building program from start to finish. Aided by its quality assurance program, PTI's mission is to provide molded products that fully meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of its customers. Company management is committed to continuous quality advancements. For superior quality and efficient pad printing services, contact PTI, Inc. today.

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PTI, Inc. is a diversified molder of both thermoset and thermoplastic compounds to meet all of your molded component requirements. A modern manufacturing facility with injection and compression presses ranging from 85-500 Ton, PTI offers many secondary operations including assembly, painting and pad printing.


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