Low Volume Molding

Low Volume Molding

PTI, Inc.’s custom molds and low volume molding include everything from prototypes to full production quantities. Our low volume molds, whether short-run, low-volume, or multiple-cavity, are monitored and controlled so you can be assured of all aspects of mold design and build. This attention to production detail certifies the goals, objectives, and preset project outcomes are on schedule throughout each stage of the process. All low volume molding, from design through manufacturing, is completed in house and provide our customers with competitive advantages in cost, quality, and lead times.

PTI, Inc. works with client to design and engineer products, developing the most effective low volume molds for cost efficiency. We provide excellent quality low volume molds exclusive to the plastic injection molding industry, offering a wide range of services. From low volume molding, to insert molding, and pad printing, PTI, Inc. is the brand you can trust for your plastic injection molding services.

PTI molds prototype components for customers in distinct fields such as the medical, electrical, hand tool, communications, and automotive industries. Including injection and compression presses ranging from 85-500 Ton, much of PTI’s low volume molding equipment is computerized and uses mechanical systems to augment efficiencies and safeguard quality. At PTI we take a partnership attitude on every venture, bringing years of plastic injection molding knowledge and technical expertise in a facility designed to provide a comprehensive plastic injection molding experience.

Low volume mold building necessitates a combination of technology, equipment and qualified mold builders to create injection molds quickly with an almost limitless geometry for the plastic components.   

Advantages of Low Volume Plastic Injection Molding:

  • Mold Cost
  • New Product Launches
  • Technology
  • Low Volume Requirement

From design to delivery, PTI, Inc. can coordinate your entire tool building program from start to finish. Aided by its quality assurance program, PTI's mission is to provide molded products that fully meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of its customers. Company management is committed to continuous quality advancements. For superior quality and efficient low volume molding services, contact PTI, Inc. today.

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PTI, Inc. is a diversified molder of both thermoset and thermoplastic compounds to meet all of your molded component requirements. A modern manufacturing facility with injection and compression presses ranging from 85-500 Ton, PTI offers many secondary operations including assembly, painting and pad printing.


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